Tuesday & the continuing storm

The morning began with a hearty breakfast of sausage, hash browns, egg, bacon, hash browns, scrambled egg, cereal, more hash browns, toast, juice and a side of hash browns. Everyone was filling up in anticipation of the activities ahead. 

Group 2 headed off to the Via Ferrata, which has been relocated inside a working mine, offering spectacular views of the steep valley as we entered the shaft. Our guide talked to us about the history of the mine shaft, ita many uses, particularly as roof slates, and also it’s recent appearance on ITV’s travel guides programme. 

Once in the heart of the mine, we were taught to attach out carabiners to the steel wire and walk across the suspended walkways above heaps of neglected state. It was a test for all but the girls overcame their initial lack of confidence to career the well-trodden tracks and avoid the infamous roll moles lurking in the depths

A short stop for dinner and then out into the afternoon activities which was a walk to Castle Rigg for a number of girls, where they were challenged by a riverside scramble and a journey to a fairly steep hill top to learn about a dilipadated Viking castle. 

Dinner was welcomed as the sun set behind the multiple peaks overlooking the centre, and toffee apple crumble was devoured by most before an evening quiz and a lazy hot chocolate. It is safe to say we are tired and depleted of energy but loving every second ???????.