Travelling Tuesday

Today has mostly been a day of travelling. After a bit of a lie in the morning we boarded the coaches to begin the long journey to Agra. Now, I’m not sure what the boring lot in coach two were doing, but we in coach one had our very own AGGS radio station courtesy of Mr Davenport and Mr Copestake. Bringing the coach up to date news, travel information, music and even adverts for Nandos, they kept the students entertained for part of the journey. 

After a quick lunch stop – and even more curry – we were back in the coach and heading to Fatehpur Sikri, with a short RS lesson interlude courtesy of Mr Davenport. We learned about the Hindu religion and beliefs whilst Mr Copestake tried to recall the story of Rama and Sita from his primary school days. It’s fair to say it wasn’t particularly a good recollection. 

The city itself was a stunning work of architecture – palaces, temples, corridors – all of a rather Tibetan inspired design. As the sun began to fade we headed back to the coach to make our way to the hotel for the evening. After dinner entertainment this time courtesy of a magician – no Indian dancing for the students and teachers tonight. 

The girls have also been excited to find yet more shopping opportunities in the hotel – I have a feeling that their suitcases might be much heavier returning than they were coming out. I’m not yet sure how one student is going to attempt to get her new goat through customs – I’m not sure the British transport police will be as open to haggling as the locals in India. Still, it’ll make a decent curry for one family if we make it through. 

It’s an early night for us here in Agra – we’re up early for a yoga session. 


Ps we were offered 2 camels and an elephant for Miss Turnbull but we politely declined the offer. We reckon we could get much more for her in Varanasi.