Monday in India

A very busy day three for us here in Jaipur – after a six thirty wake up call, the girls were greeted with another amazing breakfast in the latest hotel, though there were quite a few needing a cup of coffee! We moved straight onto a visit to the Amer Fort – via elephants! Although a little worried at first, the girls were, as usual, enthralled by the whole experience and proceeded to board the new form of transportation in pairs to begin the journey up to the fort. At the top we were greeted with stories of maharajas, jewels and some very unconventional bridal experiences. The fort was stunningly beautiful however and the girls had the opportunity to explore gardens, rooms and secret passageways. From the fort we were taken to a traditional Indian textile factory where we had the opportunity to learn about fabric printing and weaving – a few keen ones even getting involved in the process. Then came dress up time for many, trying on the saris, pashminas and beautifully woven fabrics. It’s fair to say that many students left the factory with their purses a little lighter. 

The last stop before lunch was a visit to a local school. Greeted by a warm welcome, we were made to feel very special and the girls embraced the opportunities to sit and read with the nursery school children, to help with their drawings and even participate in the singing and dancing. These opportunities really are a privilege and as a teacher, make you aware of how wonderful the girls at AGGS are. They embraced the activities and threw themselves into participation – who knew they’d be so excited to be in a school?! The whole experience was very moving and overwhelming and brought a smile to even the most cynical of us teachers. 

After lunch – and I bet you can’t guess what we had to eat this time – we headed to the royal place of the current Maharajah. Only 16 years old, he came to the throne in 2011 after his grandfather passed away. The girls were a little excited to hear that he’s currently at school in London and that he’s worth approx £12.8 billion pounds. Don’t be too surprised when the girls ask to be transferred to a private school in London?! The palace was beautifully decorated and we had the opportunity to see some incredible artwork and architecture from the region. Following the tour, the girls were given short demonstrations of the painting style and many took the advantage to spend some more money at the market stalls in the palace area. 

We headed back to the hotel for a quick pit stop and shower and then were straight out again to a local restaurant for the evening meal. This was a meal with a difference however, as the students – and staff – all participated in some traditional Indian dancing. As usual, the girls willingly threw themselves into the activities and loved every minute of it. It was a fantastic end to a very busy and jam packed day and it’s been so wonderful seeing the girls commit to the activities and contribute with energy and enthusiasm. They really are a wonderful bunch and it makes our job, as teachers, very easy. They are a credit to their parents and to the school. We’ve got a bit of a lie in tomorrow – an eight am wake up call for breakfast, before we head off to Agra…

PS. The blog is not letting us post photos. Please find these at @aggsrs on Twitter. Thank you.