Namaste India


We have arrived! After a long wait in the airport where we had dinner, we were treated to even more food on the plane, snacks, drinks and breakfast and it’s safe to say we landed very full indeed! 

We all managed to change our money, after an hour at the airport organising ourselves, and then venture into the busy, busy traffic of India. What a great site of people buying and selling their wares, living by the roadside, religious temples, poverty, opulence and many, many cows! 

We were given a floral wreath to wear and taught to say ‘namaste’. 

Followed by an excellent set of curries in the hotel, and an even better dal dessert. We have just returned from the Qutab Minaret which is the biggest Minaret in the world, added to 5 times at different stages and topped with pearly-marble. Everyone loved taking photos, especially of the chipmunks, and listening to the mad raucous of the macaws.

We are about to have dinner and watch some Bollywood dancing before an early night and journey to Jaipur tomorrow.