Update on visa applications

For your Visa application, you will need a copy of my passport and a letter stating that I will be taking responsibility for your daughter in India. I spoke, in length, with the people at the consulate and they understood the complicated nature of this and tried to secure a better solution but decided that, to ensure the application succeeded, the above documents would be needed by each pupil.

As you can appreciate, I am not too willing to provide copies of my passport, however I understand the urgency for the applications. To ensure peace of mind, please will you email me stating that you will use the documents I provide solely for the Visa application and I will reply with the documents upon receipt.

My email is davenport@aggs.trafford.sch.uk. As I am not currently at school there may be a delay, but I will reply as soon as possible. I have provided a digital signature so feel free to write your daughter’s full name and this should suffice.

From September, there will be physical copies of these documents available at AGGS reception with a note to sign saying you will use it solely for this application, but please apply sooner rather than later!

Also, ensure your photos are Visa-worthy. Max Spielman do 6 for £10.99 although there is a booth near to the Visa application centre. In addition to this, make sure that you have a letter to state you are happy for me to take your daughter, a copy of your daughters long birth certificate and photocopies of your passport.Oh, and take a book as there can be a delay! Of course, my application was slightly different being over 18 but I believe the aforementioned documents will be needed for your daughter.

Thank you!