Welcome to the AGGS India blog 2015.

Welcome to the RS blog for India 2015.

I know a lot of you are preparing for the upcoming trip, and no doubt excited for the feast of activities that we shall be taking part in.

To aid with your organisation, and to enlighten you on the places we are staying, I have created this blog to keep you abreast of all the up-to-date information I receive.

Many of you will be considering beginning your Visa applications. If anyone would like to share their experiences of applying for a Visa for India, I think quite a few parents/pupils would be interested to hear your insights. I am very aware of the bureaucracy surrounding the application, plus the amount of information necessary for your Visa meeting. In a separate blog post, I shall provide all the information I have received. Do comment with any of your own experiences; I feel a shared dialogue would be useful for all, as I have had many phone calls surrounding the application.

Currently, we are deciding on staffing for the trip; once this has been finalised, I shall let you know who will be joining the pupils on the trip. In the mean time, please keep checking back for responses to any questions you may have. I will be away from July 11th – August 7th on a school expedition to Ecuador, so will respond to queries before I leave or after I return.

I intend to update the blog regularly, particularly in India, each evening, so you are aware of how everybody is doing and the activities we have been involved in that day, plus pictorial evidence for you to enjoy!

Finally, do not forget that payment is due for the 20th of July. Payment should be £1970 + the agreed £12 for the yoga and cookery classes we have added to the trip. I shall check that ParentPay reflects this amount over the coming days – as you can imagine, we are all preparing for the Summer, which inevitably means preparing for the new intake in September, so things are quite busy, but I shall respond as soon as I can. Alternatively, a fellow parent/carer may have a response to your query, so do make use of the comments section to each blog post.

Thank you, once again, for your cooperation. I hope we are going to enjoy some amazing experiences!

Mr Davenport