Thinking Time

‘After asking a question of his class, the typical teacher waits about a second before taking an answer, and the challenges and limitations posed by such a habit are significant.  The answers the teacher can expect to get after less than a second’s reflection are unlikely to be the richest, the most reflective, or the most developed his students can generate’.  Teach Like a Champion, Doug Lemov.

Taking answers after just a second has the effect of encouraging students to raise their hand with their first answer rather than the best one that they can think of.  It also means that an answer is given before some students have time to think and have a chance to respond. 

Perhaps you may like to have a look at some very short clips that demonstrate thinking time (follow instructions below).  The clips accompany the book detailed above.  If anyone would like to borrow the book please do let me know and if you think the clips are useful and would like me to share more, let me know…or otherwise!