Literacy/Key Words

Each classroom has key words on display but are these used effectively?  The words may become wallpaper to the pupils and of no use, other than making sure they spell the word correctly.  Below are some ideas that could be used to check understanding and develop the pupils’ use of the key words in your subject.


1. Choose the word/ words that you want to develop the use of in the lesson or SoW. Display the words on the classroom wall so that they are easily accessible to the pupils.  Give the pupils synonyms and ask them to stick them on the relevant word.  The synonyms could vary in their difficulty to develop the pupil’s vocabulary.  Check that the correct words are stuck with the right key word and discuss any words that are misplaced.

2.  Give each pupil a key word  and ask them to write a subject specific sentence/paragraph including the key word

3.  Ask pupils in pairs to write a definition of a key word and share with the group.