Questioning Wall

Today’s teaching tip is a great way to promote questioning and enquiry within your classroom and create and use an interactive display.
1. Create a questioning wall grid within your classroom.
2. Provide a stimulus material to pupils, such as a photograph or an artefact.
3. Encourage pupils to create questions about the stimulus, using the questioning wall.
4. Ask pupils to stick their questions onto the wall. They can then take a question from the wall, or you can look at these to answer them around the wall.
There are many other ways you can use the wall:
The wall can also be used to develop pupils’ questioning skills. Try to encourage pupils to ask questions in different areas of the grid.
You could also provide pupils with answers to questions and ask them to come up with a question, using prompts from the wall to help. It may then be interesting to compare different questions for the same answer.
A picture of a questioning wall can be seen below and is currently on display in the Geography Department. Thank you to Mike Lovelady